N2 Funding Employee Promotions

N2 Funding would like to congratulate Dave Lopez from Funding Manager to Director of Funding.
Among Dave’s responsibilities of Managing oversight of the Funding Department he will also begin the build of our onsite Post Closing functions to work directly with corporate on improving and streamlining collateral and loan delivery as well as communication with corporate on post closing audit responses and training tools to each department to reduce findings and improve our ratings.
CONGRATULATIONS DAVE on a well deserved promotion.

N2 Funding would like to congratulate Brenda Reyes who has been promoted to Funding Manager. Brenda joined our team in April of this year. She has proven to be that key employee and “go to” for Dave Lopez and due to her expertise will definitely be a continued asset to N2 Funding as the Funding Manager.
CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA, we all wish you well in this well deserved promotion.

N2 Funding would like to congratulate Steven Vargas to Lead Funder. Steven joined our team in March, 2020 and been an integral part of the Funding Team’s success. His knowledge and drive to get deals done exemplifies the N2 attitude. As David Lopez stated, “he is often used as the go to person when I am not available, and shoot…..I even go to him for some things that I need help with.” 🙂 In the case that you can not get a hold of Dave or Brenda, please feel free to reach out to Steven. His knowledge and experience with Wet Fundings is also an asset to our company and we will work together to document and streamline that process for better efficiencies.
CONGRATULATIONS STEVEN, we are all happy for you and your promotion.

As our N2 Funding team grows, we will be updating the directory found online here in the Employee Portal. Please let Kiani or Paula know if your information is incorrect or if there are any necessary changes.

What a day it has been for promotions. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE, and thank you for all of your hard work. We are better, together as a team. Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!! Let’s Fund!!

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